The Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching - AUTOGRAPHED

$ 20.00

32.5 strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register of Business and Personal Success. Hiring the right people, creating the best principles, teaching and training, encouragement, making a deal, the courage to grow, and every other aspect of business as relates to success and money.

Product Description

Cha-Ching! is a metaphor for success. You may know it as the sound of a cash register ringing – but throughout this book Cha-Ching! will be referred to in every aspect of business. 

Cha-Ching! is a sound familiar to all. 
Cha-Ching! is the sound of a cash register ringing up a sale. 
Cha-Ching! is the sound of achievement. 
Cha-Ching! is the sound of motivation and inspiration.
Cha-Ching! is the sound of money. 
Cha-Ching! is the sound of wealth. 
Cha-Ching! is the sound of fulfillment. 

Cha-Ching is the sound of music. 
Music that makes you feel great every time you hear it. 
Not just rhythm, Cha-Ching! sets the tone for more 
Cha-Chings! and gives you the self confidence that 
if you have rung the register once, you can ring it again, 
and again (and again).

Cha-Ching! is the sound of success. 
The continued achievement, motivation, and 
inspiration, adding up to a choir of melodic sweetness. 
It’s the sweet sound of success. 
What’s your sound of success?

Buy Cha-Ching and make your own music, dance to your own rhythm, and ring your own register. The CASH register.

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