First Edition Sales Bible: Autographed Collector's Item

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Autographed - 1st Edition - Collector’s Item!  Brand New!!

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible:  The Ultimate Sales Resource

In The Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer describes methods and techniques that really work-every day, in real-world selling situations., Salespeple are looking for one thing . . . answers. In The Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer describes methods and techniques that really work-;every day, in real-world selling situations. In short . . . answers. Carry it with you-;overcome objections as they happen. Read one short chapter in The Sales Bible and watch your sales results improve immediately. The book is a gold mine of practical, hands-on information for sales professionals, with tips that include: The 39.5 ways to sales success Top-Down Selling-the real secret to finding the decider 25 ways to get the appointment that has eluded you 19.5 buying signals-how to recognize them and when to close the sale Real-world advice on working a room and building your network How to fill your sales pipeline with prospects ready to buy How to use the right questions to make more sales in half the time 10 great cold-call opening lines How to find the hot button and push it once you find it Hundreds of techniques and sales methods . . . to help you get the toughest buyer to say "yes" The Flash Cards Twenty-four pocket-sized flash cards are included for last-minute review before a crucial sales call or for a quick shot of motivation between appointments.

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