Customer Loyalty Concepts - AUTOGRAPHED

$ 15.00

A truly unique, 64-page, easel-backed, desktop flip-book, readable from both sides at once, and containing the best of Jeffrey's Customer Loyalty Principles. A fully-illustrated, easy to read reminder to always give the best service you have ever received.

Product Description

Not a Quote Book, but the first "Interactive Thought Book." Customer Loyalty Concepts gives you page after page of daily reminders, insights, and actions to take about loyalty, satisfaction, leadership, front-line challenges, the diamond rule of service, what customers want, the 12.5 principles of success, achieving goals, being your best, problems to confront, and solutions that work. 

Based on Jeffrey's best-seller, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, the book that 10 years ago established Loyalty as the new standard of customer service, Customer Loyalty Concepts will sit on your desk next to your computer, and supply you with bite-size, easily-digestible tidbits that will challenge you, inspire you, humor you, and keep you on a constant quest to turn satisfied customers into loyal, lifetime friends. 

Take a look at the Table of Contents and sample pages from Customer Loyalty Concepts

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