*NEW EDITION* Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

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New Edition now available!

How to Find, Build, and Keep a YES! Attitude for a Lifetime of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS

The first new book on attitude in 100 years that clearly defines it and gives the reader an easy-to-follow game plan to achieve and maintain a YES! Attitude.

Product Description

Every business winner has one thing in common: a YES! Attitude that's powerful enough to help them achieve the impossible! When you've got a YES! Attitude, you assume everything will start with "YES!" ...and you'll find a way to "YES!" even when the first, second, and third answer you hear is "NO!"

You say you weren't born with a YES! Attitude? No problem! Jeffrey Gitomer will give you all the tools you need to build one. As the world's #1 expert in selling (and the author of the best-sellers Little Red Book of Selling and Little Red Book of Sales Answers) Gitomer knows more about attitude than anyone. Now he's brought those lessons together in a book you can read in one sitting... a book that'll change your life!

What makes this book unique? It's not just "inspiration": it's a complete,

step-by-step, fully-integrated game plan for understanding and mastering your attitude. You'll learn 7.5 specific things you can do to maintain your intensity, drive, and commitment... discover 20.5 "attitude gems" that capture the value of thousands of dollars of books and courses... learn how to overcome the 10.5 most dangerous "attitude busters"... then learn how to maintain your YES! Attitude every day, for the rest of your life! Don't just read this book once: study it, live it -- and win.

 Mr. Gitomer, 

I am writing to thank you. Several months back, thanks to a Borders Gift Card, I picked up your book "Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude" and since then, my life has been positively altered. 

I've always been a positive person but never to the degree discussed in your book. It became obvious to me that a change was necessary and having taken steps towards that change, life has been GREAT (note: life was always good, but now it's simply GREAT). 

My relationships have improved (work and personal), my work has improved, my outlook is clear and focused, and my success is inevitable. 

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep providing the means by which people can bring perspective to their lives. 

Best Regards, 
Dylan O'Connor

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